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  • Sierra Leone Outreach-02

    Outreach Summer Campaign Update

    As you might remember, last year we had a spirited heartfelt service last August with members of Krio Descendants United from Sierra Leone. Our friendship is growing and they are coming back again this August. Their vision of wiping out Ebola in Sierra Leone has been realized, but there are

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    Conclusion of Stephen Ministry

    Stephen Ministry celebrated the conclusion of the ministers’ 50 hours of initial training and await their commissioning by the congregation on July 24. Both the leaders and ministers are excited to bring this ministry to St. Andrew’s. “Well done, good and faithful servants.”

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    Stephen Ministry Update

    This week, the Stephen Ministry training class will be considering a new subject: How to Make a First Caring Visit. They will be receiving nuts-and-bolts information on how to get a visit with a care receiver off to a good start.

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    Stephen Ministry update

    This week the Stephen Ministry training class considered the subject of Supervision: A Key to Quality Christian Care (Part 2) by learning how to engage in the process of small group peer supervision so that they will be able to offer the highest quality Christian care possible for their care