Dear Friends

One of our family Christmas traditions was to drive through the neighborhoods and streets in Corona which were known for their extravagant front lawn Christmas decorations and lights. They never failed to impress and delight us.

But sometimes, less is more. Last week I passed a nurses’ station at the hospital where I volunteer and there was just a single garland hung with red bows. Compared to other stations, it seemed like this station hadn’t finished putting up their decorations. But it was so beautiful in its simplicity. Sensing that maybe they had completed decorating, I said to the nurse “What a great example of less is more”. And she immediately replied with an enthusiastic “Yes! I know what you mean!”.

This year, we chose “less is more” for our front yard, our only decoration being three standing figures representing the Holy Family. But when we got home from church Sunday, it was a more extreme example of “less is more”. Mary and Joseph were lying flat on the ground. They had not withstood the storm. But baby Jesus was still standing, so to speak. (See picture at left I took that night)

There is a time and place for extravagance; even some “over the top” experiences can be fun. But there is also a time for creating experiences that illustrate and help us recognize that less is more. Sometimes, all you need is love. Sometimes, all you need is Christ.

See you on Sunday.

Fr. John