Dear St. Andrew’s Family

St. Andrew’s has deep roots. Shortly, we’ll be celebrating our 100th anniversary. Life was quite a bit different 100 years ago. As is our community, how we spend our time, and how we communicate. The words of Jesus Christ remain constant. The messages behind the parables remain true. The wine and bread are still our connection with Christ. But everything else feels different.

Here we are at a pivotal year; a year of transition. We recognize that some of the ways we connect together are frayed. We are praying deeply to find the path to bring joyful energy within the walls of our church. An energy that visitors would feel and want to return. Much of this would involve looking outward to see what others need. For example, the joyful energy from volunteering at the Soup Kitchen is a path outward. Our Homecoming also had joyful energy; many asked me if we could do this more often. I say, “Yes!” We have shared roots in faith and service.

Thank you for all your gifts in the past – your time, wealth, works, and wisdom. We’re asking you to pledge from your heart. The sacrifices you make will lift you. Gone will be thoughts of criticism; gone will be obsessions with the past; and in your heart will be the confidence that you are following your heart and soul.

In gratitude,

Melissa Rigler, Sr. Warden