Hi everyone. This week the gospel leads us to think about change. Specifically, we are thinking about preparation for something to come.

In the gospel this week the disciples have been traveling with Jesus as he goes about his ministry. In town after town they saw him teach, heal, and preach about the Kingdom of God. They have witnessed his compassion. Although they may not have realized it, they were going to school. They were learning how to conduct themselves for ministry when Jesus wasn’t present, when they would be on their own.

In our lives we prepare. We start a new job and learn about the job and how to accomplish it in our beginning time there. Likewise we go to school to get ready for life and work. I think about commencement rather than graduation. When we end our schooling we are ready to “commence” living and working.

Christianity for each of us is the same idea. We come to church. We pray. We read scripture. We learn about Jesus and how to lead a life led by Jesus. It makes us ready to be the hands of Jesus in the world, to “commence”.

Good luck this week. I hope graduation on Sunday goes well, and you are prepared to do your jobs as the hands of Jesus in the world.

Blessings, Bill