This Sunday is famously known as “Low Sunday”. Historically church attendance plummets from the high of Easter Sunday the following week. Thinking about this prompted me to consider what the reaction of Jesus’ disciples was after his resurrection.

I imagine they felt a ton of relief and probably some other emotions too. I imagine these are some of their thoughts. “No, thankfully and incredibly we didn’t lose him after all. I wonder if he is really the same as he was before. What’s next? Does he go right back on the road preaching, teaching, and healing? What are we supposed to do going forward? How is this going to impact us?”

It might be hard to swallow, but I bet after the elation passed, there were some that were not all that happy about renewed obligations to follow him, and serve those who came to see him. After all, it’s only human to think thoughts like that.

Let’s talk about it this Sunday if you are in the mood.