In the gospel this week, we hear Jesus referring to God, Himself, the prophets, his disciples, and the “little ones” that need a drink of water. He says that we are all rewarded by God when we do the simplest of acts in the name of God. It’s a theme that comes up often in the teachings of Jesus.

On Sunday the 25th, we were treated to hotdogs and the fixings after church. The food was free. The fellowship cost nothing. It was all provided by people feeding “the little ones”. That’s the rest of us that enjoyed these moments together.

Every time we reach out in the name of God, in even the simplest way, we are feeding Jesus’ lambs. When it’s us that is being fed, or are enjoying a drink of water, or are benefiting from any service done in the name of God, we are part of a holy moment.

It’s interesting to think about it, isn’t it?